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Zelve, is on the Göreme – Avanos roadway after Ürgüp. It has been settled at abrupt and north outskirts of Ak Hill with distance of 1 km from Pasa Bonds. The Zelve Oren Place formed from three valleys is the place having the most intensive chimney rocks formed in the volcanic tufas. The chimneys rocks from the valley are with sharpen ends and large trunks. Furthermore there are many settlements places in the volcanic tufas used for hiding by the first Christians trying to escape from the Roman soldiers. In these settlement places there are many abbeys and churches. The church named Direkli Church from the outskirts of the valley belongs to the first years of abbey life from Zelve. The relief crosses preferred in the trimmings of the churches are mostly iconoclastic. The most important churches of the valley are Balikli, Üzümlü and Geyikli Churches dated before this period. In the valley other than the churches there are found accommodation places, tunnel opened to the two valleys, mill, mosques and dovecotes.


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