Urgup date

Urgup date   Urgup Cappadocia
Urgup One of the most important centres in Cappadocia is Urgup, 20km to the east of Nevsehir.  Urgup was an important settlement in the Seljuk period, when it was called “Bashisar”.  The marble fountains and inscriptions found on the streets and in the squares of Urgup, were ordered by Damat Ibrahim Pasha. The epitaphs on the fountains were written by various poets, and carved by prominent stone masons of Istanbul. Records from the 19th century mention 70 mosques, 5 churches and 11 libraries in Urgup.

Examples of Seljuk and Ottoman architecture in Urgup are the “Alti Kapili Turbe” (tomb with 6 doors), the Kiliçarslan tomb, the Taskin Pasa Medrese, and the mosque and tomb in Taskinpasa village.

The nearby valleys of Pancarlik, Uzengi and Keslik, are important historical and natural treasures.

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