Urgup Cappadocia

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This township is an important administrative and commercial center much frequented by foreigners coming to Cappadocia..

Before the Ottoman conquest, Ürgüp was a Christian religious center. The precipitous cliff that overlooks the town is proliferated with troglodyte dwellings of the past, the galleries and stairways of which are now exposed.

The town is situated at the junction of two charming ravines, the Damsa and Kapadokia, both rich in Christian tradition and Islamic relics. The Taskinpacha mosque and mausoleum (erected by Kara Mahmut Taskinpacha in 1324) is a valuable exponent of Islamic architecture. In order to safeguard its magnificent tiled altar and pulpit for the coming generations, Kemal Atatürk had it transferred into the Museum of Ankara.

The Keyhusrev mosque dates to the 13th century and the tomb of Grand Mufti Hayri is located in its yard.

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