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Transportation in Cappadocia

Our Cappadocia transportation guide below will give you all the transportation advice you will need during your stay in Cappadocia. Once you have an idea of how to get around, be sure to enjoy a local Cappadocia Tour and a Hot Air Balloon Flight where you can see the whole Cappadocia region in one hour. We also have more transportation information on other locations in Turkey to help you plan your trip.

The central Cappadocia are Göreme, Uchisar and Avanos. Bus and minibus services are frequent in high summer.

Municipal Bus Corp minibuses every one hour (€0.70 to €1.00 depending on where you get on and off) travel between Ürgüp and Avanos via Ortahisar, the Göreme Open-Air Museum, Göreme village and Çavuşin , starting in Ürgüp at 7am and operating until 8pm. The bus will also stop in Zelve on request. You can hop on and off anywhere around the loop. Note that Sunday services are less frequent

Bus running from Avanos to Nevşehir via Çavuşin (10 minutes), Göreme (15 minutes) and Uçhisar (20 minutes). It operates from 7.00am to 8pm and costs between €0.60 and €1.00 depending on where you get on and off.


Whole route and pass through Zelve(10 past) Çavusin(15 past) Göreme(20 past) Ortahısar(25 past) and various stops in Ürgüp ending in the center of town at the bus terminal.The important thing about this mini-bus route is that it leaves Ürgüp on even hours (08:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, and in summer 18:00). And leaves Avanos on odd hours (09:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00, and in summer 19:00) This bus ends for the day in Ürgüp. Be sure and ask when the latest bus departs.


From Nevşehir to Derinkuyu, buses start at 7:30 and run every half hour. The last return bus is 19:00 from Derinkuyu to Nevşehir. This bus is about 40 minutes and costs 5 lira. On Sunday it only runs on the hour.


From Nevşehir to Kaymaklı, buses start at 7:00 and run every fifteen minutes. The last return is 20:00 from Kaymaklı to Nevşehir. This bus is about fifteen minutes long and costs 3 lira. On the weekend it only runs every half hour.

In Nevşehir the bus stop to pick up Kaymaklı and Derinkuyu buses (as well as other villages and return to Ürgüp and Avanos) is a block uphill from the Otel Altınöz, near the 5 road traffic light.


From Nevşehir to Hacıbektaş, buses start at 14:00 and run every hour. The last return bus is 17:00. This bus is about 40 minutes long, costs 3 lira and can only hold 14 people so be in line early in the busy season.

It’s very easy to get to Cappadocia by bus from İstanbul or Ankara. Buses from İstanbul to Cappadocia travel overnight (in high summer there may also be day buses) and bring you to Nevşehir, where there should be a servis to take you onto Uçhisar, Göreme, Avanos or Ürgüp. From Ankara you can travel more comfortably during the day. It’s easy enough to travel back from Cappadocia to İstanbul by day bus via Ankara because there are so many buses between these two cities.

By plane;There are direct flights frequently from Istanbul to Kayseri, and less often from Izmir and Antalya.

By train;The train takes longer but the sleeper cabins can be a good option. The trip can be made from Istanbul via Ankara or directly from Ankara.

The nearest train stations are at Niğde and Kayseri.