The big rock massif right at the entrance of the Göreme Open Air Museum is called the Girls’ Monastery. The churches, refrectories and tunnels in the four floors of this rock show that this place has been a monastery. A metal staircase leads us to a well-preserved eating- room which has a nice table carved out of rocks.

We see the remnants of four churches in this rock massif, and in the one near the eating-room, which has three apsides and a barrel-vault, the scenes of the birth of Christ are very well-made. Furthermore we see scenes from Cappadocia’s St. Georgius’ life and his martyrdom on the southern wall of this church.

The second church of this rock massif is the Girls’ Church from which it acquired its name. The Girls’ Church has a Greek cross plan and its central dome rests upon four pillars. The sole picture of the church shows Jesus Christ standing.

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