The Fairy Chimneys

The Fairy Chimneys Cappadocia   The Fairy Chimneys cappadocia Turkey
The fairy chimneys which render a fabulous scenery to Cappadocia are the results of a geological phenomenon that lasted for millions of years. The story of the fairy chimneys which are unique in the world starts with the volcanic eruptions of this region.

We come across the most beautiful fairy chimneys in the area which is 288 square kilometers big and lies between an 18 kilometer section of Kızılırmak in the north, the Damsa stream in the east, the Nevşehir stream in the west, and the Oylu and Kermil mountains in the south. This volcanic area is built by the tuffs underneath, and basalt and andesites over them. The latter covered the tuffs wholly once, but today they are seen only in some sections. These basalt pieces stand either as huge blocks on the conical shapes, or as cornices over the tuffs. The fairy chimneys came into existence at the suitable areas through the rains and the erosions of the 4th Geologic Time. They sometimes reach a height of 40 meters, are conical in shape, and have a ” hat” of basalt over them. The phenomenon of erosion thins out the neck underneath the ” hat” which in the end can’t be carried by the cone anymore and drops down. Such a fairy chimney will then be left without protection and will be eroded further. This phenomenon takes place continually even today and the very old chimneys get replaced by the younger ones. We find the best examples of these natural wonders in the triangle between Ürgiip, Uçhisar, and Avanos.

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