The Elmalı Church has four pillars and three apsides. The original entrance at the southern side is not used today. The religious scenes are distributed very evenly among the arches, the domes, and the walls. We see the Deisis (Virgin Mary. Jesus Christ and St. John the Baptist) on the central apsis.

The figure of Jesus Christ at the central dome, which is supported by four thin columns, is surrounded by pendentives with the figures of the four Gospel writers on them. We find the pictures of the archangels at the smaller domes towards the apsis and the ascension of Christ at the southern cupola.

The distribution of scenes:

The left apsis: Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ

Over the, left apsis: The Burial of Christ

The central apsis: Virgin Mary. Jesus Christ and St. John the Baptist

The right apsis: Archangel Michael

Over the right apsis: The last supper

The northern wall: The birth of Christ and the arrival in Jerusalem

The western wall: The resurrection of Lazarus, Virgin Maiy and the Apostles and Baptism

The southern wall: The transformation of Christ, the Crucifixion and the descent into Hell

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