The Church with Buckle

The Church with Buckle Cappadocia    The Church with Buckle Date
The Church with Buckle is the largest one in the Valley of Göreme and features a large number of iconographs. From the pictorial point of view it is certainly the most important early Christian church in Cappadocia.

The walls and vaults show scenes from the New Testament, commencing with the Annunciation. The life of Christ is depicted in chronologically ordered sequences, terminating with the Ascension. The Church with Sandals displays over one hundred portraits of the saints. The recurring theme is the life of Basilius, the patron saint of Cappadocia.

Some frescos of this church belong to the archaic period of Christian art, while others were painted after the period of iconoclasm. Due to erosion, the facade is no longer extant. Among the visitable sections is an irregularly shaped vestibule, partly collapsed and filled with rubble, with an archway into a small, undecorated chamber, perhaps a one-time sleeping quarter.

A larger archway, five meters long and rectangular, opens into the nave. There is a second, somewhat elevated nave, more regularly laid out. It features four massive pillars joined with arches, three apses, a narrow passage and several niches where statuettes had once been standing.


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