The Church of Saint Barbara

The Church of Saint Barbara  cappadocia   The Church of Saint Barbara Date
The church received its name from one of the iconographs, which shows St. Barbara, riding in the company of St. Theodor and St. George. It is a typical example of churches decorated during the period of iconoclasm.

The original murals of the nave were not figurative and except for the purely symbolic presence of a few persons and animals, the interior was ornamented with the archaic patterns of squares, triangles, zig-zag motives and checkered designs, painted with red lime.

After the iconoclasm, these primitive designs were partly overpainted with frescos. The one on the left side of the present entrance is probably the work of a dilettante, because the colors are pale, che characters uncomely and overburdened with red.

The composition of St. Barbara dates to a later period, probably the 11th century.

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