This church is situated on the peak of the biggest rock of the Göreme Open Air Museum and is to be reached by metal stairs today. The partly ruined religious paintings of the church are still in a fairly good state. The eating-room right below the church shows that this place has been a monastic complex like the other ones. The picture of ” The Last Supper” behind the rock table of the eating-room has been very well preserved. The plan of the church is that of a closed Greek cross, and the central dome is supported by two columns at the east and by corner walls at the west. It is believed that the interesting name of the church (the shod church) comes from the footprint on the floor, and that this church was built because of it. The catchiest details of this church appear on the western wall. Among these, we can name the scene showing the four builders of the church and the inscript where the words, ” the holy cross” are carved. A figure with a turban on his head is not less important either.

The distribution of scenes: The central apsis: Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ and St. John the Baptist

The northern apsis: Mary and Jesus Over the northern apsis: The hospitality of Abraham

The southern apsis: The figure of Gabriel

The central dome: Jesus and the angels in medals

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