Tatlarin Underground City Church

Tatlarin Underground City
It is located in Tatlarin Village, 10 km north of Acigol district. The city is on the hill which is called ‘castle’ by the locals and on 1991 a small part of the city was open to public. Today only two floors of the city can be visited and due to the large barns, kitchen and storages, it is thought that the city was used by a high population. In addition, the toilet rooms which are very rare in underground cities, attract attention in Tatlarin.
Tatlarin Church
There are also churches and various buildings located on the hill where the underground city is and most of them are largely damaged. But among these TaMarin Church is worth to see. The frescoes of the Church were able to reach today and they read the scenes from Bible such as various saints, Kostantin and Eleni, Metamorphosis, Cruxification, Virgin Mary and baby Jesus.