Selime Guzelyurt   Selime-Guzelyurt cappadocia

Selime is situated at the end of the Ihlara Canyon.  Fairy chimneys rest on the steep hillside, and a basilica style cathedral, the Seljuk tomb of Selime Sultan, whom the town was named after, a hollowed out citadel and churches are also found here.

Guzelyurt Guzelyurt is 45km from Aksaray and 15km from Ihlara.  With its  beautiful nature and  19th century architecture it is an important place for visitors to Cappadocia.

Gregory of Nazianzus, who worked hard to spread Christianity in the area, turned Guzelyurt into an important centre. Churches found in Güzelyurt are, Yüksek, Kizil, Silvisli, Ahmatli and Koc.  Guzelyurt also boasts a church built in 1891, now used as a mosque.

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