Saint Theodoros Trion Church

The 19th century church, located in Bayramli quarter and very close to Derinkuyu Underground City. Due to the inscription over the west entrancn of the Church, it is written that, the Church has been constructed on 15 May 1858, with the permission of Ottoman Sultan Abdulmecid and the donations of Malakopia (Derinkuyu) Christians. Today the first two letters of the date section of inscription is damaged. On the top of the inscription there is a cross relief with ivy look and there are four birds situated at the corners. On the right and left side of the cross there are other relieves such as on the left side Saint Georgios figured on the horse and fighting with a serpent (monster). Beside the stone work of the Church, the bell tower is also very attractive. And fortunately the frescoes of the Church had the chance of reaching today. During Republic period, the Church has been used as a mill for a long time. Once it was used as a museum and today the Church is closed to public but one or two times in a year it is open to Christians for using.