Qat Valley

The Valley, situated in Qat borough and 7 km northwest of Nevsehir, is one of the trekking routes of Cappadoci’a. You may reach to the Valley if you follow the Nevsehir-Gulsehir road and turn left after 6 km. Within the region there are 3 valleys called ‘Fmnasma’, ‘Karayatak’ and ‘Guvercinlik’. There are small streams passing through three of the valleys. During summer time the water flow becomes less whereas during winter times it becomes more. These valleys start from the same point and range parallel to each other towards Qat borough and the total of these three is called as Qat Valley. It is said that, the name of the borough Qat comes from the stacked style of these valleys. Compare to the others, Karayatak Valley is shorter that’s why it is not really preferred by the trackers. Generally, the trackers prefer to take the road from center of Qat or Nevsehir-Gulsehir and then continue towards Firmasma Valley and start trekking from this point. At the end of this Valley there is a passage to Guvercinlik Valley and a return way to Qat. His route takes a total of 11 km. During the trekking in Firmasma Valley you may visit Firmasma Church from 11th century. In Guvercinlik Valley there is a dovecotes carved into the walls of the valley..