Turkish Bath & Sauna

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  • 03 September 2012

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At the entrance to the bath;staff directions,

After undressing in the dressing room area, you will wrap your body in a peştamal, a traditional cotton body wrap. After locking all your belongings in the locker provided (remembering to keep the key with you at all times), you will pass into the hot area that includes the heated marble platform in the center. This area, called the sıcaklık, consists of the large, hot marble platform which is surrounded by bathing basins (kurna) and private bathing cubicles (halvet).

cappadocia-turkish_bathYou should first get your body to perspire, either by lying or sitting on the hot marble or pouring hot water on your body by sitting next to one of the basins. If you have chosen the second option, your attendant will give you an exfoliating scrub and a bubble wash as you lie on the hot platform. You will then move to one of the basins and the attendant will wash you there.

Then if you prefer, you may remain lying on the platform to perspire more and relax, and then when you wish, you may move to one of the basins to wash your body. The scrub and bubble wash by the attendant lasts for approximately fifteen minutes, while the whole bathing process of resting, perspiring and washing takes about one to one and a half hours, but there is never a time limit.

If you have chosen the self-service option at the entrance, you will perspire and relax on the hot platform and then wash yourself at one of the basins. When you feel ready to leave the bath, you will be given towels to dry your body. After leaving the bath, you may sit and relax in the cooler area of the hamam, perhaps enjoying a drink as well.