Old Turkish Houses of Avanos

Turkish houses usually have a simple exterior look without many decorations. On the outside can be found tall and narrow windows, along with wide eaves and bay windows. The entry from the street, via a large gate, usually leads to a courtyard surrounded by high walls. The courtyard is where daily chores are carried out. The houses are usually two and sometimes three storeys high. The ground floor is used as a storeroom, a cellar and a barn. The living quarters are on the upper floors which can be reached by wooden stairs.

The upper floors contain a common living space called ‘sofa’ which all the rooms in the house open from. Each room is planned for a couple to live. They are large double bedrooms with built in cupboards, ottomans, bathtubs in cupboards and fireplaces. All this structuring can be regarded as an extension of Turkish nomadic tent culture. Architectural decorations, especially wooden carvings on the ceilings, can often be seen in rooms and sofas. The Turkish houses are generally made out of stone and brick (made with mixing hay and mud), or sometimes made completely of wood. Although the structure of these houses varies according to their geographical location and social status, they still maintain their common features. The difference is mostly seen in the number of the rooms and the internal decoration.