Nikiforos Fokas Church

The church also known as Cavusin or Guvercinlik Church is located just side of the main road. The church was carved into a rock as two storey. Monks’ rooms are in downstairs. The entrance part of the church at upstairs and the staircase for reaching this storey are collapsed. Today, ascend to the church is secured by an iron staircase added later. At the entrance part on outside front you can see frescoes of chief angels. Probably the church was built after Byzantium Emperor Nikeforos Fokas’ visit to Cappadocia during his expedition to Kilikia (964-965/Adana region), and in the name and behalf of him. Nikeforos Fokas and his wife with other family members are figured inside the niche on the left of main apsis of the church. The church has quite high roof. Frescoes are well protected. There are medallions showing ascension and portraits of four saints on the top and middle of the roof. And, around them, scenes from life of Jesus are painted.