Nevsehir Castle

The Castle was constructed on a basaltic rock mass on the southwest of Nevsehir city center and the construction date is not being known exactly. The Castle whose epigraph unfortunately were not able to reach until today has two entrance gates both in front and backpart. It is anticipated that it was re-constructed during Seljuk period (12th century) upon a Byzantine Castle in the same place. The cutoff and broken stones were used during the construction of the Castle which has a pentagon plan. On the walls there are some antique stones placed. The Castle was consolidated by four towers and it has 42 loopholes. In the past in order to cover the water need of the Castle during the enclosure, a tunnel towards the savanna was built but later on as time goes by the tunnel was choked up. Generally Nevsehir Castle has characteristics of Seljuk period. It is thought that it has been built during Seljuk period to control the caravans to Baghdad. It is known that the Castle was renovated by Damat Ibrahim Pasha during Ottoman Empire. During the Republic era between 1966 and 1979, the Castle was restorated.