Kaymakli Underground City

The underground cities, which enable us to understand more what fear force people to do, bring today the blues of the people who did not want to be killed or turned into slaves. Kaymakli Underground City make us feel this blues deeply through its each floor. Kaymakli borough is situated on 20th km of Nevsehir-Nigde road. The center of Kaymakli, whose ancient name as ‘Enegup’ hosts the biggest and the most visited underground city of Cappadocia. The underground city was open to the public on 1974.and it has 7-8 floors. It is anticipated that it has an underground connection with Dehnkuyu Underground City, 10 km faraway. The visiting floors are the first four floors. The construction period of the underground city is not known exactly but it is assumed that it might have been built up or improved during the Arap invasions (7-8’h centuries). It is understood that, the underground city is able to host 15-20 thousands of people in itself. On the 1st floor of the underground city, you will see a barn and a church and these are seperated from each other by a corridor divided into two with a sliding stone. On the 2nd floor there are grave hollows and a church. On the 3rd floor there are larders, wine house and a kitchen. The archeologist Murat E. Gulyaz states that, the andesite stone with 57 small holes, found in the kitchen, has used as a tool starting from the prehistoric periods to grind copper for melting. On the 4th floor of Kaymakli Underground City, there are larders, places for earthenware jars and fermentatory.