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Kaymaklı which is situated 20 kilometers to the south of Nevşehir has developed rapidly in recent years and become attractive for tourists. The underground city of Kaymaklı lies underneath the Kaymaklı castle which is to the east of the Kaymaklı village. This underground city is accepted to have been built in the 6th-10th centuries at the time of Persian and Arab invasions, and is accessible since 1964. It spreads over an area of 2,5 square kilometers, and we can estimate that it has 7-8 floors though all of the floors have not been discovered yet. The plan of Kaymaklı differs from that of the underground city of Derinkuyu, in that the tunnels joining the floors are narrower, steeper, and shorter. The living rooms of the four floors which have already been excavated are situated primarily around the ventilation chimneys. There is a rather small stable at the first floor and most probably other ones in the floors we haven’t seen yet. The road at the left of this stable leads us to a small church with a single hall and two apsides which is on the second floor. This tiny church has no wall-paintings and therefore we cannot date it. The grave rooms on the second floor are thought to have belonged to the clergy. The most important rooms of this underground city are on the third floor. There are plenty of storerooms, wine production departments, and kitchens here. The abundance and the size of the rooms, halls, and living areas of the city indicate that it could shelter quite a number of people.

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