Horse Riding In Cappadocia

Horse Riding In Cappadocia   horse riding in cappadocia turkey

Experience the incredible and unusual beauty of Turkey’s Cappadocia region from the back of a horse. Something like a cross between the Grand Canyon and a moonscape, Cappadocia boasts some of the worlds most unusual and spectacular landscapes.

Traversing the countless valleys and mountains by horseback brings riders in touch with the area’s breath-taking beauty. Forget the tour buses or even the rental cars – this astonishing region of Central Anatolia is truly best seen by horseback.

Day 1
Early morning flight from Istanbul to Kayseri. Transfer by minivan to Avanos and check in at hotel. Lunch in Avanos. Afternoon ride to get to know horses. Dinner at hotel.

Day 2
Ride from Avanos to Sarihidir, a tiny fishing village on the Red River, where you’ll stop for tea in a local cafe. Continue on to Sarihan, a beautifully restored 13th Century caravanseri, for lunch. In the afternoon ride amongst Cappadocia’s famed fairy chimneys to Zelve, Pasabagi and Çavusin, where the horses will overnight. After leaving the horses, visit the Göreme Open Air Museum to see the awe-inspiring painted churches built by exiled Christians during the Roman era. Dinner at hotel in Avanos.

Day 3
Ride from Çavusin through the tranquil White Valley to Uçhisar. Stop for lunch, then continue on to the villages of Kavak and Bahçeli for a tea break. Finish the day in Ayvali, a quiet town in the midst of lush apricot groves, where you’ll overnight in a charming old hotel with a 12th Century church inside. After freshening up, visit a carpet shop to see local weavers at work and learn about this ancient craft tradition. Delicious organic dinner at hotel in Ayvali.

Day 4
Ride from Ayvali through Mustafapasa, an old Greek village, to Lake Damsabaraji for a picnic lunch. If the weather is warm, you can take a dip with the horses in the lake. After lunch return by a different route on a high plateau to Ayvali where you’ll spend one more night.

Day 5
Ride from Ayvali to Ibrahimpasa, an old village boasting exquisite Greek architecture, then on to Ortahisar for lunch. If you have the energy, you can climb to the top of Ortahisar´s craggy rock fortress for a beautiful view. After lunch enjoy a long, exhilarating ride through the Red and Rose Valleys on to Çavusin and Avanos. Dinner at hotel in Avanos.

Day 6
Ride from Avanos to Özkönak where you’ll visit one of Cappadocia’s largest underground cities. Return over Ziyaretdagi Mountain to Avanos. Upon return, if you’d like, you can visit a local pottery factory to enjoy the art form for which Avanos has been well known since the time of the Hittites. Final dinner at hotel in Avanos.

Day 7
Transfer to airport in the morning for return flight to Istanbul.
Horse Riding In Cappadocia   horse riding in cappadocia turkey

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