Güzelyurt which was called Gelveri in antiquity is an important settlement that is situated at the slope of a hill 12 kilometers to the west of the Ihlara valley.

Güzelyurt’s beautifully painted stone houses, differently planned churches, and edifices carved out of rocks surprise every visitor to the utmost.

The catchiest of the churches here is me one which was dedicated to Gregory of Naziansus, and which has been turned into a mosque today. It has a cross plan, a high tambour with a cupola, and is constructed with squared stones.

The Christian communities which lived here under Seldjuk and Ottoman rules left this area after the Treaty of Lausanne (1924) was signed and a Turkish- Greek population exchange was put to practice.

The Monastery Valley which is 4 kilometers away from Güzelyurt harbors innumerable churches and monasteries, showing Us that Güzelyurt has once been an important religious center.

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