Guvercinlik Valley

The Guvercinlik Valley, located on the east of Uchisar, is one of the important trekking routes of Cappadocia. The Valley got its name from the dovecotes it has (in order to have more information please see Qat Valley Dovecotes). While one of the edges of the Valley reaches to Nevsehir-Urgup asphalt, the other edge reaches to Goreme. The total length of the Valley is 4 km. The Guvercinlik Valley used to be called with the name of ‘Vasil Stream’ which flows through the valley. It is thought that this name might have come from Saint Basilius. The Vasil Stream, passes through the whole valley, carved out natural tunnels in the Valley. During the trekking routes, these tunnels are being passed and they offer cool off opportunity for the trackers in summer time. Let’s give a tip for the ones who love butterflies; they love to have a rest in these dewy tunnels. Hangover, it is your talent to take their photos without spooking them by your zoom objectives. You may have your trekking in pigeon valley alone, still we suggest you to have a guide who knows the surrounding.

Due to your preference, you may enter the Valley from Goreme edge or Nevsehir asphalt. The groups who want to visit the Valley partly generally use the entrance ofAsagi quarter of Uchisar. If you use this entrance after 500 m you will reach the main branch of the Valley. At this point 1/3 of the Valley remains in Goreme side (north west) and 2/3 of the Valley remains in Nevsehir asphalt (south east). If you walk towards Goreme after 1 hour walking you will be there but if you prefer to take Nevsehir asphalt way, you have 2 hours to reach to the edge of the Valley.

For the ones who want to walk through the whole Valley, it would be better for them to start from Nevsehir asphalt side. There is a no passage cliff where the Valley combines with the branch from Uchisar. By mistake if you were able to reach to this no passage cliff, it would be better for you go back and prosecute the footpath on the left. As you come closer to Goreme, on the left side of the Valley there are three churches close to each other. These are Kadir Durmus, Karsi Bucak and Yusuf Kog Churches (more information about these churches is given on Goreme chapter). We can almost hear the complains of the ones who want to see the Valley but who are lazy to walk. If you are one the members of this group we recommend you to enjoy the beautiful view of the Valley by going up a terrace where you can feel the whole Valley. It is between us but you can find kind of a terrace in Uchisar nearby the Uchisar Kaya Hotel. Enjoy your show!