Gulludere Valley

There is a long valley known as Meskendir Valley between Cavusin Village and Ortahisar town. Meskendir Valley can be accessed by Cavusin side as well as the side of Kaya Camping on the Ortahisar-Go’reme road. Meskendir Valley is a composition’of valleys in a sense, and is one of the important trekking courses of the Cappadocia. Three big parallel valleys from Boztepe side (1325 m) are extended to cut the Meskendir Valley in a vertical angle. This valleys, starting from Cavusin side, are called Gulludere II, Gulludere I and Kizilgukur Valleys. The first valley starting from about 2 km south of Qavusin Village and extended in east-west direction, is Gulludere II valley. On the point where it approaches Boztepe the valley curves to connect to Gulludere I valley. Gulludere II and I valleys are special trekking courses, and they house many churches. These churches are respectively Ug Hagh (Three Cross), Ayvali, Hagh (Crossed), Yovakim and Anna churches. Valleys are quite confusing, so trekking should be accompanied by a local guide knows the region well.