The Church of El Nazar is carved out of a rock which looks like a tent and is one of the most interesting buildings of the Göreme region. The side walls of this church, which was built in the 10th century, have collapsed. The paintings of this church, which is very harmonious with the natural formations in its surroundings, are well preserved in spite of the time and erosion of hundreds of years. We see very stylish figures on the walls of this church. There’s the figure of Christ ascending to the heavens on a rainbow in the central dome. On the western arch we see the scenes of the annunciation, the visit, the introduction to the temple; and on the southern arch there are the scenes of the birth of Christ, the epiphany, and the escape to Egypt. Scenes showing the ablution of Christ and the pursuit of Elizabeth are to be found on the western wall. Besides these themes, we also see the descent into hell, the crucifixion, the baptism, and the transformation of Christ in this church. Furthermore the Church of El Nazar has the pictures of emperor Constantine and his mother Helen.

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