Turkish Night Show


The show begins with Turkish folk dancers entering the stage and start dancing.

This programme offers the Turkish Night show programme every evening. The food, especially the mezes are tasty, the main dishes average at best, also the show programme is very good and also the unlimited fruits,wine,raki and votka …

Excellent atmosphere, great food, quality wine, good service!

Do the many diverse dances of Turkey today have a common source? Like many of the arts of Anatolia, its folk dances have roots going back far in time. Just as the music of the Phrygian Olympus is regarded as the original source of western classical music, so the sounds and movements of folk dances from many countries are the original spring of today’s modern dances. In folk music and dances we find powerful reflections of the human experience over thousands of years, expressed with a passion unmatched elsewhere.

In Anatolia, which has been home to the Hittites, Phrygians, Lydians, Urartians and many more peoples and empires, music, folk dances and folk costumes are the repository of a long and rich cultural legacy. Muzaffer Sarısözen, who devoted much of his life to studying folk dances and their music, used to say that the music and dances themselves are their own historical sources. He observed that striking the knees is the movement most widespread in Turkish folk dances, occurring in many different types, including spoon dances. Often the movement follows agile leaps. In dances of the bar and halay types where the dancers sweep forward and then in an instant drop down and slap their knees, the staccato sound is exhilarating to hear.

The rate of the Turkish Night is 45 Euro per person including drinks and fruits or 50 Euro per person including drinks, fruits and dinner.

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