Cavusin Cappadocia

Cavusin Turkey     Cavusin Date
Cavusin Cappadocia
 Along the road to Avanos, three kilometers distant from Göreme, the village of Çavuşin is sheltered by a tall, perpendicular cliff, the surviving portion of an extensive rock slide that occurred sometimes between the 9th and 13th centuries. Weakened through erosion, split by frost and perhaps jarred by earthquakes, a large section of the plateau collapsed into the valley taking along hundreds of cave dwellings and a handful of chapels. Many of the present edifices have been built on top of the mound of rubble, probably rich in early Christian relics, now beyond reach.

Approaching Çavuşin, the first outstanding landmark is a massive solitary cliff dotted with jagged windows and gates, commonly called Çavuşin Castle because when viewed from a distance it does remind one of a medieval castle.

Overlooking the village, the Baptismal Church is also visible from far and there is no indication that it has ever been hidden. It was built, or rather hewn around 630, during a period of relative tranquility. Originally the facade featured four supporting columns of which only one survives. The church has three naves of which one has caved in, leaving its ornamental designs partly visible.

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