Cappadocia Ortahisar

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Cappadocia Ortahisar
 The inhabitants of this small village, one kilometer distant from the Ürgüp road are exceptionally friendly and hospitable and preserve many of their age-old traditions of genuine welcome of foreigners. Visitors interested in Anatolian rural life and folklore should indeed spend a few days in Ortahisar.

The prominent landmark is the Kale (Tower), a fifty-meter cliff honeycombed with galleries and caves, well visible from the Nevsehir-Ürgüp road. Thanks to the efforts of the subsequent local mayors, the once crumbling stairways and tunnels have been rendered accessible, and now one may ascend to the summit to enjoy a magnificent panorama that includes the sweeping cone of the extinct volcano Erciyes, eighty kilometers to the east.

There is a derelict tunnel connecting the Kale with a similar stronghold, Isak Kale (Tower of Isaac), in a valley four hundred meters distant. Both towers had been designed to protect the former inhabitants in time of peril. In the past, the windows and entrance could be sealed with matching boulders and with the apertures closed, the cliffs presented a natural, undisturbed aspect to hostile eyes.

The Harim Kilise is on the property of a local farmer, but it may be visited. Although devoid of frescos, this basilica-type church is of archetectural interest. Sarica Kilise (Yellow Church) in the vicinity is smaller but decorated.

It is also being called Cambazli Kilise (Church of the Acrobat), because one of its murals depicts a circus performer.

The region of Ortahisar is very rich in monastic colonies and churches dispersed along the creeks of two narrow ravines

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