Cappadocia Ballons

A little before sunrise our pilots will check on the weather and the appropriate landing area for flight.

Our staff will transfer you from your hotel at time that was previously arranged.

While the crew inflates the balloons, you will have a complimentary Turkish style breakfast.
Day is dawning, balloons are inflating, you are having breakfast with marvellous view.
After the inflation finished, you welcome to balloons.
Now, you are going up and up… Balloon flight begins.
Here you are… You are flying…We go where the wind takes us. The sky is layered with air currents, so the pilot heats the air inside the balloon with the burner to rise into currents with different directions.
There is a marvellous view of Cappadocia from above. You can take pictures and  our crew will be happy to take pictures of you in the balloon. So, bring your camera and lots of films.
Your flight time will be approximately one hour. We are welcome to land in the many open fields in the area we fly over. Your pilot will begin the gentle descent when he finds an appropriate landing site where we are met by our experienced ground crew.
After packing up the balloon, while you are toasting champagne, we will give your certificates. Then you will be transport from our pick-up points.

The whole experience lasts 3 to 4 hours, so you will have the rest of the day to enjoy the many attractions of the Cappadocia