bulbous church

bulbous church date       Cappadocia bulbous church 
bulbous church
 A small village in a shady ravine flanked by tall cliffs with some thirty rock-cut churches in the neighborhood. The ravine was populated from the earliest Christian epoch until the 13th century.

Takkeli Kilise (Church with Beret) shows a curious representation of Christ, standing inside a giant red egg with one foot placed upon the prostrate body of Satan (?). Emperor Constantine and his consort, Empress Helena are depicted in the background. Another fresco shows the Birth of Christ and his baptism by Saint John.

Ak Kilise (White Curch); Geyik Kilise (Deer Curch); Karabaş Kilise (Black Head Church): This latter one features six male and female portraits, none of them identified as any known personage.

Canavar Kilise (Church of the Monster) received its local name on account of a fresco showing St. George slaying the dragon.

The Church of St. Barbara is situated in the upper section of a tall cone of tufa and has some astonishingly well-preserved and dated murals (1006 and 1021), among them the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus.

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