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THE MUSEUM HOTEL Museum Hotel of which restoration was initiated by Omer Tosun, the chairman of Indigo Tourism, became operational after inagurated by Erkan Mumcu, the tourism minister then, in 2002.

Museum Hotel, established in a beautiful area of Uchisar, was came into existence after the restoration of old ruins, paying utmost attention to the preservation of their originality. Due to its unique location all the rooms, restaurant and terraces overlook the unique panorama of Cappadocia. The Museum Hotel which has aimed to serve its distinguished guests in the best way is the sole preference of the majority of prominent guests visiting Cappadocia.

As it stays at the highest point of Cappadocia, in Uchisar, Museum Hotel terraces and deluxe rooms gives you quite extensive view the fabulous rock formations and the valleys. Seeing th sunrise and sunset from the Museum Hotel exhibits you unknown sides of Cappadocia with colorful landscape.


Omer Tosun, the person who initiated the project, is a collector of antiques who have an extensive collection of antique articles covering the Seljuk, Ottoman, Roman and Hittite periods.  It was planned in a way that hotel customers could experience the history, Cappadocian culture in details and feel as if they were in a museum. While focusing on a possible name of the hotel, the name “Museum Hotel” is preferred. Today, all the rooms, restaurant, reception office and exterior areas of the Museum Hotel are decorated with various valuable antiquities registered at the Museum of Nevsehir.

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