Alisar Cappadocia  Alisar Hattusas Alisar Date
Half-way between Kayseri and Hattusas in the great bend of the Halys (Kizilirmak) river. The site was already inhabited during the early Bronze Age (3.200 B.C.) and it remained an important township during much of the Hittite epochs. Alisar possessed a strong circuit of walls within which archeologists recovered artifacts showing Troyan influence and evidence indicating commerce with Syria. Some terracotta and stone idols display Cretan characteristics.

The ancient city walls excavated at Alisar closely follow the style of the great wall of Hattusas, but in place of bastion towers, a saw-tooth patternw had been adopted here, providing enfilade in only one direction—a rather unsatifactory arrangement from the military point of view.

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